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Green Bay Area School District


Mrs. Weeks



Math/Science Teacher

Math Interventionist

Link Crew Coordinator

Sting Cancer Advisor





Email: mnhelgesen@gbaps.org

Phone: EXT. 42050





 Class Schedule:  2017-2018

Period  Class/Location 

SOUTHWEST- Algebra 1 Math Extension 

 Room 2050 



SOUTHWEST- Geometry Math Extension

 Room 2050


SOUTHWEST- Algebra 1 Math Extension 

 Room 2050 





SOUTHWEST- Math Intervention 

 Room 2050 


 SOUTHWEST- Math Resource/Prep

 Room 2105(Tu-Th)/VARIES


SOUTHWEST- Algebra 2 Math Extension 

 Room 2050


SOUTHWEST- CLT Meetings/Prep






STEM Jobs Magazine!


Get Math Type for Your Personal Device! 

                                                                                                                    Go to:  http://www.dessci.com/en/dl


                                                                                                                    The codes are:

                                                                                                                    MathType 6.9 for Windows:  MTWE691-002553-4WLN6

                                                                                                                    MathType 6.9 for Macintosh:  MTME671-002316-5ZZVO



Southwest High School 2017-2018

Algebra 1 Extension

Algebra 2 Extension

Geometry Extension


Southwest High School 2016-2017

Algebra 1 Extension

Algebra 2 Extension

Geometry Extension


Southwest High School 2015-2016

Algebra 1 Block (Full Year)

Algebra 1 (Semester 1 ONLY)

Geometry (Semester 2 ONLY)

College Math (Transcribed Credit for NWTC) Semester 2 ONLY

Southwest High School 2014-2015

Algebra 1 Block

Advanced Algebra 2

Geometry Block

Algebra 2


East High School 2014-2015

  Physical Science



Southwest High School 2013-2014 


Physical Science


West High School 2012-2013

Physical Science



Preble High School 2012-2013




Flinn Scientific’s Student Safety Contract

 Safety Contract.pdf

(note: you will need to click the download tab to see entire document)


Lab Safety Rap

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